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Unit 216 & Des Moines Area Bridge
Bridge Center
8529 Hickman, Urbandale, in the Cobblestone Shopping Center.
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Have a good 4th of July and
play at our Regional.



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Information about local activities
in the Des Moines area. This site is OK as far as I know.

2017      Announcements:
Calendars are generally available 10 days - 2weeks before the beginning of the month. If the next month's calendar is not available, please refresh the screen when you try it again.

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8529 Hickman, Urbandale, in the Cobblestone Shopping Center. Cobblestone is on the NE corner and down in a bowl.  Click on Map to see direction.

*****Stars of Tomorrow tournament Aug. 19-20, click here for the flyer.

***** Cornbelt Tournament Sept. 14-17, click here for the flyer


*****June Hawkeyer is now available.

*******Several obitutuaries have been posted in the past few days.  We have very interesting people who play bridge, we need to learn more about them before we read it in their obituary.

*****To see information about the NEW BRIDGE CENTER, click here.

***** The March Hawkeyer is now available, click here.







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