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The Bridge Center will be moving to 8529 Hickman, Urbandale IA
 Friday, June 3.

If you can help that Friday, please signup at the Bridge Center as soon as you can. Your help is appreciated.

Save your boxes for the move, if we have too many the FreeStore will use them.

If you have personal cups or other items at the Bridge Center, please take them home as unneeded items will be disposed of.

Here is the look for our new bridge home.

Comparison between the current Bridge Center and the New Bridge Center in Cobblestone


Features Current Bridge Center New Bridge Center


Square feet (sf) 4,080 5,130
Rent and associated costs. $7./sf 2016 $8./sf/2017 associated cost unknown at this time. $8.35/sf for 5 years
Restrooms w stalls=3
Break area oven/stove, dishwasher, double sinks, cabinets. dishwasher, double sink cabinets.

Updates as received:

General Contractor, Geno Romeo of Associated Construction Services

Move date announced as June 3, 2016. 

Pictures of progress.  The interior is beginning to take shape and the lighting and walls are going up. Click here. Some new in May.  Thanks Lee!




For questions, you may email me at and I will refer  your questions.


Our location is at Cobblestone shopping area on Hickman Road.
8529 Hickman, Urbandale IA

Updates will be posted as available.


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