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In Memory of our friends...
click on the name to see a photo and obit if one is available.


Sorry I missed Ida Mae Erickson see Sept. 2015


Ethel Moran

 April, May and June 2017

Ila Mae Heggen

Tom Anderson

Richard Ameen 

Sandra Stotlenow

February 2017

Jean Huggins

January 2017

Dan Danes

November 2016

Robert "Bob" Smith

October 2016

Lois Copple 

September 2016

Newt Bowers

July 2016

James Vail  (no picture or information available)

April 2016

Bob Seitz Des Moines Register link
Austin Bruce Pattison  He mostly played Wednesday evenings.

Kathy Pheffer  Kathy and Stan Broadwater played Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.

Phyllis Walls Des Moines Register link

Bob Lutz ( Ft. Dodge  club)

November 2015

Kenneth Alsager

October 2015

Virginia McKain

Rosemary DeVine

Barb Schipper 

Dorothy Jackson  - click here for picture

September 2015

Ida Mae Erickson

June 2015

Dixie Dill

May 2015
Pat Reddin

March 2015

Richard Sorfonden

December 2014

Jeanette Bear

Theresa Kern

Gladys Moranville

November 2014

Virginia Robinson

October 2014

Robert Beckwith

Charlene Hendryx

Dar Wilson

September 2014

Diana Spencer

August 2014

John Adrianse

May  2014  
Betty Allen

Kay Alvord

Floyd Jones

March 2014

Joan Alsager

Barbara Ann Granzow

Wayne Menzel


February 2014 
Richard "DIck" Bruckman


January 2014

Barb Mickelson

Teresa Paulsen

Pat Peterson

"Mick" Smith (No picture available, if you have one send it to us.)

"Buck" Whipps









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