September 2008 minutes


The Board of Directors of Hawkeye Bridge Association, Unit 216, met on Saturday, September 20, 2008 at 11:30 a.m.  The meeting was called to order by President, Dee Wilson and those present, in addition to Dee, were Mary Lou Agocs, Pat Peterson, Margie Brennan, Russ Hale, Kay Alvord, Stan Gustafson, Evie Mintzer, Paul Devin, John Gustafson, Kathi Kellen, Newt Bowers and Harry Swanson.  The only member absent was Ann Long.

The minutes from the April meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Margie Brennan, seconded by Pat Peterson and approved by all to accept the minutes as stated. 


It was discovered by Margie Brennan that an overpayment was made to GDMBHC after the calculations for the Stars of Tomorrow Tournament were made.  This will be rectified in our next payment to them.  

It was discussed that Club Directors can be used for this tournament, rather than paying the expenses to bring in a Director from the outside.  A motion was made by Kathi Kellen, seconded by John Gustafson and approved by all that this be done for future Stars of Tomorrow Tournaments. 


Special Unit Games:  It was decided by the Executive Committee to use the 16 special games for 2008 as follows:  l for the Medallion Party, 12 for the Mentoring Program and 1 each to Club Owners, Gregg Walsh, Nancy Wilson and Joan Anderson.  In 2009, the number of special games will increase to 24 and the Executive Committee, or a specially appointed committee, will need to distribute these games to best enhance additional interest in the Bridge Center. 

It was also decided by the Executive Committee to donate the proceeds from the Cornbelt Tournament to the Iowa Red Cross for flood relief.  According to past performances, it was decided to advance them $500.00 in July (the time of the Executive Board meeting) and the remainder to be paid after expenses paid from the tournament.  John Gustafson made a motion, seconded by Paul Devin and approved by all to accept the Executive Board’s decision in this matter. 


For some time, our unit has not been following the ACBL directive to hold an annual membership meeting.  After some discussion, a motion was made by Mary Lou Agocs, seconded by Margie Brennan and approved by all, that we should combine this annual membership meeting with the annual elections to the Board, accepting nominations for the Unit Board from the floor at that time.

 Currently we have four Board Members whose term of office expires at the end of this year….Mary Lou Agocs, Paul Devin, Harry Swanson and Newt Bowers.  Of these four, Mary Lou Agocs and Harry Swanson have agreed to continue on the Board and we have two additional persons interested in serving…Rod Burnett and Charlene Hendryx. A motion was made by Stan Gustafson, seconded by John Gustafson and approved by all that we will have an Election Night/Annual Membership Potluck on Friday, October 31 at 6:00 p.m.  The table fee will be nominal, the Board will cover the cost of the main course and Dee Wilson will appoint a committee to handle to rest of the details. 

 Our current by-laws need to be revised in several areas and John Gustafson made a motion that a committee should be appointed to address this matter.  The motion was seconded by Stan Gustafson and approved by all.  Dee Wilson said that the Executive Board will go over the document and send proposed changes to each board member in advance of our next meeting and then we can vote on changes at that time.

Kathi Kellen made a motion, seconded by Margie Brennan and approved by all to keep the officers as is until the Executive Board proposes changes and they are voted on by everyone. 

 All members were given a ballot to vote for our District Representative. Upon completion of each ballot, it was sealed and returned to Dee Wilson.

 Dee Wilson handed  each of the Board Members a folder with reading material to be read at a later date by each person.  Among the items included was information on Unit activities and a letter from an unhappy patron.  At this time, Dee Wilson reminded the Unit Board that we have zero jurisdiction over club owners. 

Newt and Jean Bowers have decided to relinquish their responsibilities as editors of the Hawkeyer after the December issue.  Evie Mintzer applauded them and said how much we appreciate all of their hard work for so many years and everyone on the Board agreed. Terry Swanson has shown an interest in this job, so Dee Wilson will talk to her about it. 

Kay Alvord, one of the novice representatives has attained Life Master, so will have to resign from the Board in this capacity. 

Time ran out for us to fully discuss the proposed rent increase from the GDMBHC.  A motion was made by Stan Gustafson, seconded by Kathi Kellen and approved by all, that the Executive Board discuss this, along with the distribution of special unit games and advise the Board of their proposals. 

Pat Peterson made a motion, seconded by Mary Lou Agocs to adjourn the meeting.  This motion was approved by all and the meeting was adjourned at 12:55 p.m.


                                                                                               Mary Lou Agocs
                 Unit Secretary