The Board of Directors of Hawkeye Bridge Association, Unit 216, met on Saturday, January 8, 2011.  The meeting was called to order by President, Dee Wilson, at 1:50 p.m.  Those present were Dee Wilson, Stan Gustafson, Mary Lou Agocs, Margie Brennan, Kathi Kellen, Charlene Hendryx, Peter Wityk, Rod Burnett,

Rich Newell, Harry Swanson, Mike Smith and Gregg Walsh.  Absent was Craig Nelsen.

The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and several corrections were made:  Margie Brennan’s name was misspelled several places; under the Treasurer’s Report, it should read Data Committee, not Date Committee; Harry Swanson was present at the meeting, not absent as stated; Rod Burnett would like the wording of his comment to say “ that we might have a problem with an appearance of conflict of interest because we have one of the game owners serving on the Board.   Stan Gustafson made a motion, seconded by Charlene Hendryx and approved by all to accept the minutes as amended above.

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Margie Brennan’s report excludes the cost of the Bridge Pads (approximately $6,325.00) which have not been paid for yet.  Someone asked what administrative expenses were included and Margie gave as examples, the website costs, toner for the copy machine, taxes, etc.  After further discussion, Kathi Kellen made a motion, seconded by Peter Wityk and approved by all, to accept the Treasurer’s report as stated.


ź         Electronic Scoring Devices;    Unit 216 has purchased 50 units.  Dee Wilson has been asked by the Ames Club if they could use some of these scoring devices.  After discussion, we agreed to give them 8 units to use, with the understanding that they would be responsible for the upkeep (new batteries when needed, etc.) and we also approved the purchase of one more server  ($150.00) to assist them.

ź         501(C)3 Status:  Stan Gustafson is working on this….to change our status to a 501(C)7 (non-profit organization) which is what it should be and had been in the past before it inadvertently got changed.

ź         Inclement Weather Notice: The order of persons who will notify the bridge community of a game cancellation are Harry Swanson, Kathi Kellen, Dee Wilson.  This will be done through a post on the website and/or an e-mail.


ź          Allocation of Unit Games for 2011:   After some discussion, a motion was made by Rod Burnett, seconded by Stan Gustafson and approved by all to maintain the following allocation of Unit games for 2011  which is the same as it has been:  12 mentoring games, 9 for the club owners (that is 3 games each for the 3 owners), 3 special unit games (the annual unit board meeting/election, the Holiday Party and the Medallion Party).

ź         Permanent Name Tags:  Rod and Marge Burnett submitted information they received in Kansas City for permanent name tags for our Unit members.  They will survey some of our players to see if they would be willing to purchase their own at approximately $5.00 each.  We hope to resolve this issue by our next meeting in April and, if necessary, purchase these by the time of our Regional Tournament in June.  After some discussion, Harry Swanson made a motion, seconded by Margie Brennan and approved by all to have the Burnett’s handle this.

ź         2011 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT:  Dee pointed out that he and Nancy hurried to get the flyer completed so the Burnett’s could take some to the tournament in Kansas City.  Rod reported that they took 100 flyers and that they flyers were picked up very quickly.  Dee also called attention to the new event for the tournament….Iowa Pot of Gold….paying gold points for players 0-750 playing two sessions each day, Wednesday through Sunday.  Their was discussion again that pairs events are not as popular as team events and that ACBL encourages the team events because of revenue.

One Board member asked about the cost per session ($12.00) and how that compares with other         Regional Tournaments.  Dee said that it is competitive and is the same cost as it was for the 2009 Regionals here in Des Moines.  Our goal is to only have to raise the entry fee by $1.00 per session every 4 years.

 Dee advised the Board that the very important job of compiling the information for the Daily Bulletin needed to be undertaken  by someone.  After some discussion, Harry Swanson volunteered himself and his wife, Terri, to tackle this very big task.

 ź         OTHER UNIT MEMBERS: Each year, the Unit Board discusses ways to reach out to the rest of the Unit Members (Marshalltown, Ames, etc) to assist them in feeling a part of Unit 216.  As usual, we could not come up with anything that has not already been tried.

ź         NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Dee welcomed the new members, Mike Smith, Gregg Walsh and Craig Nelsen, to the Board.

ź         BOARD MEMBER AGREEMENT: Nancy Wilson found, online, a Board Member agreement which Dee brought to share with the Board.  He asked that each Member read over and prepare to discuss and, if agreeable, prepare to sign at the next meeting.  Dee asked for opinions about giving this agreement also to all members of committees connected with the Unit Board.  We will vote on this at the next meeting.

ź         UNIT OFFICER ELECTION:  After asking if there were any Board Members who would like to submit their name as interested in serving as an officer of the Unit Board and no one was interested, Kathi Kellen made a motion, seconded by Harry Swanson and approved by all to retain the present officers as follows:           

                   President, Dee Wilson       Vice-President, Stan Gustafson       Secretary, Mary Lou Agocs  

                             Treasurer, Margie Brennan               Past President, Kathi Kellen  

ź         VARYING GAME TIME STARTS;   There was discussion about the times of the Saturday games  being different at the Holiday Tournament than at the Cornbelt Tournament and the Spring Festival and how players felt about this.  Margie Brennan said that she took a survey many years ago and that the results were exactly 50-50 for those who liked and disliked the 10:00 a.m. starting time at the Holiday Tournament.  It was decided that the Tournament Committee, composed of Margie Brennan, Kathi Kellen and Charlene Hendryx, should poll the players again to see if a time change is warranted, making all of the starting times at all of the tournaments the same.  

AGENDA AND TREASURER’S REPORT:   Peter Wityk suggested that Dee e-mail the agenda to the Board members before the meeting so we will know what is to be discussed and can better prepare for this.  Margie volunteered to do the same with the Treasurer’s report also, even though it will not be complete from the current tournament’s income and expenses.  Dee asked that anyone who wanted to add anything to the agenda to please submit the request at least a week prior to meeting time so that he can add it before  e-mailing the agenda to everyone.

TOURNAMENT CHAIRPERSON:   Charlene Hendryx, the tournament chairperson asked for extra help, from the Board members,  cleaning up after the Swiss Team event on Sunday evening.  

ź         Stan Gustafson and Rich Newell will work together to prepare for the audit of the Treasurer’s books.                          

Peter Wityk made a motion, seconded by Rich Newell and approved by all to adjourn the meeting at

2:40 p.m.   

                                                                                 Mary Lou Agocs